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Retail Collaborations

Yenderings is about memories and telling your story through functional design. We believe in collaborating with independent boutiques that have a unique vision of their brand. To this end, our retail products are designed with strong lines that allow your choice of colours and materials to stand out. Our goal is to provide well-designed product platforms on which you can imprint your identity.

Our Retail Principles:

  1. Materials chosen for these products will be simple and timeless. We understand that successful retail merchandising requires maintaining a consistent visual language.
  2. Each retail product platform is a solution to user requirements. Form must meet function and make your life easier.
  3. We are committed to small batch production that is exclusive for you. Each collaboration must remain unique to your brand identity.
  4. All retail products will be sold through the retailer only. We want the end customer to experience your style and build a relationship with you.
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